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Do you live in or around Ottawa? Are you looking for fun excursions for a day, a weekend or longer? Then Ottawa Road Trips is for you!

On this site, I write about day trips, weekend getaways and serious road trips for fun-loving explorers of all sorts: families and singles, history buffs and thrill seekers, foodies and music lovers, and more. Whether you want to go to Wakefield for the afternoon, Prince Edward County for the weekend or New York state for a week, you’ll find ideas here.

Just hover your cursor (on a computer) or tap (on a mobile device) on the photos in the Popular Trips section below to see the title of the related post. You can also use the menus at the top of the page, click on a photo in the sliders below the menu, check the menu of "popular" and "latest" posts, or use the search function to find inspiration for your next escape!

Would you like great road trip ideas delivered to your in-box every week? Use the box to the right (just scroll down a little) to subscribe to my free weekly newsletter. I'll never sell or share your e-mail address, or send you spam. Promise.

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