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Yellow canoes by lake in Algonquin Park.

Take a bus to Algonquin Park

One of the most frequent questions I get here at Ottawa Road Trips is “How do I get to such-and-such a destination without a car?” Believe me, I sympathize with the question, as my husband and I voluntarily lived without a car for seven years! So here’s some good news for all of you who […]

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St. James United Church Montreal Nuit Blanche 2017

Montreal’s Nuit Blanche: Like a waking dream

Even though we were in Montreal, I started the evening with oeufs en meurette created by an award-winning chef from Lyon. Beyond the huge restaurant windows, a mirror-covered cement mixer threw disco ball-style lights on the snowy streets. Emerging from the restaurant, my group meandered through a streetscape that looked like downtown Montreal as imagined […]

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